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Edinburgh International Science Festival

Festival season begins for the University with the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the first in the calendar of Edinburgh's leading festivals. The UK's largest science festival boasts a vibrant and varied programme of events, with an impressive level of University involvement.


This year, running from 1- 16th April, the Edinburgh International Science Festival will be exploring the connection between science and digital technologies under the theme, Our Connected World.   So now’s the time to plug into great hands-on days out for families plus discussions, debates, workshops, screenings and nights out.


Here are some examples of what the University is contributing to this world renowned Festival.

THE TAM DALYELL PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENGAGING THE PUBLIC WITH SCIENCE (16 April) has been an annual prize in the University of Edinburgh since 2008. It is to recognise and reward the University’s outstanding science communicators. This will take place at 6pm in the Playfair Library.   In memory of Dr Tam Dalyell 1932 – 2017


There will be family events from The University of Edinburgh  based at the National Museum of Scotland. This is an exciting collection of hands-on interactive experiences and bookable workshops involving all three colleges running between the 1st and 15th April.   Immunology, Supercomputers and Looking Inside your Mind are sure to fascinate children and adults alike!


ISAAC'S EYE is a contemporary play looking into the life of a young Isaac Newton, using a mix of fact and fiction to explore the sacrifices great minds make to become great people. Presented by Bedlam Theatre and the Edinburgh University Theatre Company.


At WEE SCIENCE (1-2 April) they study how children learn language so quickly through a series of interactive and fun iPad games and demos. And all this takes place at the zoo!


At Our Dynamic earth, you can meet polar scientists from the university whose research aims to uncover the secrets of our changing world. ICY WORLDS AND THE CHALLENGES OF CLIMATE CHANGE: MEET THE SCIENTISTS runs on the 2-3 April.


A TECHNOPHOBE’S GUIDE TO DISCONNECTING (8 April) at Summerhall teaches us what it’s like to live without leaving a digital trace and how to survive off-grid. 


Join Prof Sethu Vijayakumar, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, and judge on the latest season of the BBC’s Robot Wars as he explores the role of informatics, digitisation, automation and robotics both off planet and closer to home. SHARED AUTONOMY: THE FUTURE OF INTERACTIVE ROBOTICS (13 April) runs in the Informatics Forum.


THE SOUND REVOLUTION (12 April) explores what influence digital technology has had on music and how it is performed with the opportunity to hear some of the exciting digital music projects taking place now. 


The BIKE POWERED CINEMA (7 April) returns to the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation screening the award-winning documentary ‘Just Eat It’ which explores the issue of food waste, a huge sustainability challenge facing society.


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