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Evolution House hosted Art Festival exhibition

Alt-w featured new work by Scottish artists that challenge our idea of what new media creativity can be.

Front by Donna Leishman

Artists participating in the Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition included ~ in the fields, Chris Helson & Sarah Jackets, Hadi Mehrpouya & Robert Powell, Donna Leishman and Calum Stirling.

The Alt-w Fund was commissioned by New Media Scotland and received investment from the Centre for Design Informatics, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government.

The art pieces made use of technology as both a medium to create artwork and message about the changing role digital culture has in society. Works ranged from a 360-degree video hologram to a cautionary tale of the world of social media.

Alt-w was at Evolution House from 31 July-30 August. On 19 August, Edinburgh-based band Meursault performed in the surroundings of the exhibition.