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Christophe Rousset

Harpsichordist Christophe Rousset speaks about the University of Edinburgh's harpsichord collection ahead of his performances as part of Edinburgh International Festival.

Video summary

Christophe Rousset talks about the three concerts in Edinburgh this festival.

The first concert saw him playing on what he describes as a wonderful instrument called the Goermans/Taskin harpsichord in Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall.

He will then be playing two recitals in St Cecilia’s Hall on five other instruments in the following two concerts.

He says playing this number of harpsichords in once concert allows him to have a lot of variety and a wide repertoire.

He describes the challenge of playing different instruments in one concert. He spent two days in St Cecliais Hall to study the collection.

He then describes the collection in the University as one of the most famous in the world, saying that the Goermans/Taskin is one of the best instruments - the jewel of the collection.

He describes the sound is bright and deep and the tones hold for a long time which he says makes it the perfect quality of sound for French music in the 18th Century.

He says the University’s collection is now one of the most important collections in the world, especially because all of the instruments are playable, which is not always the case in other collections around the world.

He described the first time he entered the room with the collection as being like a child in a pastry shop and he is thrilled he is able to 'taste' all of them.