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Peter Manning

Professor of New Work, Peter Manning, talks about the collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland at the new Fringe venue, Paterson's Land.

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Oxygen Season – Paterson’s Land

Peter Manning, Professor of New Work at the University of Edinburgh and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland speaks about the four pieces of new work that will be appearing in Paterson’s Land as part of a collaboration between the two institutions, called Oxygen.

The first piece is called Colours which is a dance piece created by himself, Wendly Timmons from the University of Edinburgh, musicians and dancers from the University and Royal Conservatoire.

He also describes a music piece with ten different composers form the University’s Music School and highlights that Peter Nelson from the Reid School of Music has been instrumental in putting this together.

He says exciting platform pieces such as these are the reality of this new collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

He has also been working with Sophia Lycouris for City Glimpses - a dance piece which takes place in various places throughout the University of Edinburgh. These pieces will be broadcast live in real-time on the web.

Anne Liis Pol and Anto Pett, who he says are the most remarkable improvisers who have come here to work with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Professor Aaron Shaw - professor of improvisatory piano - will be working with them to create ground-breaking piece with film and improvisatory piano.

Coming over from Germany is a composer called Charlotte Seither who is an improviser as well and will be working in Paterson’s Land before she goes to the BBC Proms in London. So you heard her here first, which Peter Manning says is very exciting.