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A listing of all University of Edinburgh festival events in 2013.

Fringe events

Event Date Description
Killing Roger 1-25 August, 12.40pm Academics in Law worked with Sparkle and Dark for a puppetry play on assisted dying.
Jack and Jill and the Red Postbox 5-11 August, 2.40pm Theatre performance encouraged us to think about how we live alongside those who have dementia.
James Tait Black Prize for Drama award ceremony 5 August Winner of drama prize announced and a reading of the winning play.
Rethinking the past: Harem!, ‘Red Terror’, Ice cream history?, Death in the Kremlin 7, 26, 28, 29 August, 2pm Series of free one-hour lectures challenging historical beliefs around death, sex and ice cream.
City Glimpses (Oxygen) 12-31 August Interpretative dances behind windows that were inspired by stories and memories.
Colours (Oxygen) 14, 15, 16, 17 August, times vary Joint work of the University and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
Edinburgh Skeptics 18 August, 7.50pm Introduced the philosophy of time travel with only minimal technical detail and mention of Dr Who!
Music of Charlotte Seither (Oxygen) 26 August, 11.00am A unique opportunity to hear extraordinary works prior to their outing at the BBC Proms.

International Festival events

Event Date Description
Talbot Rice Gallery festival exhibition 9 August - 19 October First Scottish exhibition of works by the renowned Korean artist Nam June Paik.
Leaving Planet Earth 10-12, 14-19, 21-24 August, 8.00pm A new work by Grid Iron Theatre received its world premiere at the 2013 Festival.
Interfaces: Language in a Technical Age 10 August, 2.30pm Jon Oberlander explored the cost to privacy of technological power.
Cybraphon 21 August, 2.30pm Cybraphon, the autonomous and emotional robot band, was welcomed to its new home.
Christophe Rousset, Les Talens Lyriques 21 August, 11.00am Christophe Rousset, the celebrated French harpsichordist performed.
How a Pipe Organ Works 22 August, 5.00pm John Kitchen demonstrated the technology behind the Usher Hall organ.
Christophe Rousset Harpsichord 22-23 August, 5.45pm Harpsichord virtuoso Christophe Rousset explored the remarkable richness of Baroque music.
Glitch'd: Purposeful Mistakes 28 August, 12.00pm and 2.00pm Interactive media art projects explored how the 'glitch' can be beautiful.
Synthetic Biology: Where Organic Meets Digital 29 August, 12.00pm How synthetic biologists, designers, artists, engineers and computer scientists can work together.
Art and Technology 29 August, 2.30pm Discussion on the relationships between the arts and technology.
Lost in Translation: Making Scholarship Accessible 29 August, 5.00pm The relationships between research and the media and the demands of addressing different audiences.
Shaping Things: Artefacts and the 3D Printer 30 August, 12.00pm and 2.00pm Play at 3D Chinese whispers, adapting objects and artefacts using time-lapse technology.
The Edinburgh University Festival Lecture: Art, Mind and Machine 30 August, 2.30pm Explored the complexities of music, mind and the application of technology in a therapeutic setting.
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra 30 August, 8.00pm One of the world’s truly great ensembles, famed for the nobility and sophistication of its sound.
Verdi Requiem 31 August, 8.00pm The Festival’s Usher Hall concerts came to an epic conclusion with Verdi’s powerful Requiem.

Book Festival events

Event Date Description
Positive approaches to Dementia 13 August, 2.30pm Poet John Killick shared stories about dementia with Professor Ian Deary.
The Independence Debate with Kirsty Wark 13 August, 4.30pm Nicola McEwen and Charlie Jeffery co-ordinated an event on independence.
How do we know who we are? 14 August, 12.30pm Professor Ian Deary chaired a look at the neuroscience of memory with Suzanne Corkin.
The Heritage Industry 15 August, 4.00pm Can two leading Edinburgh-based authors shed light on the future of heritage?
Judging a book by its cover 17 August, 5.00pm How can a story convincingly be conveyed on a book jacket?
James Tait Black Prize 24 August, 6.30pm Shortlisted authors read their work and the winner of the James Tait Black Prize was awarded.
Horror and Weirdness, a Scottish Peculiarity 26 August, 11.30am Leading writers discussed the dark side of fiction.

Art Festival events

Event Date Description
Collins & Goto: Spirit in the Air, CO2Edinburgh 1-22 August An art-based climate initiative developing empathetic ways of thinking about our environment.
Paul Rooney and Leeds United 1 August - 1 September New video and text works from Paul Rooney who trained at Edinburgh College of Art.
Krijn de Koning (co-commissioned with Edinburgh Art Festival) 1 August - 1 September De Koning developed a new work for the extraordinary space of the Sculpture Court.
Postgraduate Degree Show 17-25 August ECA celebrated the work of more than 80 postgraduate students from a range of disciplines.

just Festival events

Event Date Description
In sight of peace August - dates and times vary CTPI (Peace building through the Arts project) and IASH co-sponsored a photojournalism exhibition.
Faith in Media 12 August, 6.00pm Speakers included Professor Jolyon Mitchell - are the media portraying the real image of religions?
Muslim - Christian Encounters 19 August, 6.00pm Event that explored what can be done to improve Christian-Muslim encounters in Scotland.