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9. How do the creative industries use data?


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ECC Week 9

Culture and Technology

Data is more than just technology. How is data being used imaginatively by people working in culture and the creative industries? Are there new ways that data could be used to open the door to future opportunities?


Michael Chappell

Michael Chappell is the CEO of Culture Counts. Michael has over 30 years’ experience in economic policy, business innovation, market research and strategy. He is a passionate advocator for arts and cultural sector. In 2011 he founded Culture Counts – a company specialising in outcomes-driven evaluation solutions for governments, cultural organisations and place-makers.  

Beverley Hood

Beverley Hood is an artist and Reader in Technological Embodiment and Creative Practice, Director of Research and Unit of Assessment REF Coordinator for Design, at Edinburgh College of Art. Her research practice interrogates the impact of technology on relationships, the body and human experience, through the creation of practice-based projects and writing.

Asad Khan

Asad Khan is a computational architect and a doctorate researcher at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA). His research and practice deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create forensic autopsies, cinematic installations and data-simulations out of remote-sensed data-archives, indexing anthropogenic disasters and catastrophic anomalies. His research and practice is amassed into 'The Entropy Project'.

Wayne McGregor CBE 

Wayne McGregor is a multi award-winning British choreographer and director. He is Artistic Director of Studio Wayne McGregor, a creative nexus that pushes the frontiers of physical intelligence through dance, design and technology. He is Resident Choreographer at the Royal Ballet and is regularly commissioned by companies around the world, alongside making work for Company Wayne McGregor his own touring dance company.


Wayne McGregor was replaced by Ben Cullen Williams for this event.

Ben Cullen Williams
Ben Cullen Williams is a London based artist, and long standing collaborator of Wayne McGregor’s, whose practice consists of sculptures, installations, photography and video. In his work, Williams explores mankind’s relationship to the world in a rapidly changing environment; he focuses on key issues such as the in-between, global, local and personal and the Anthropocene. He investigates how related spatial typologies can be understood as a physical manifestation of our own human condition. He draws on a range of fabrication processes from physical to digital to understand our phenomenological relationship to the material world in an unsettled age. His work has been shown internationally in a range of spaces, galleries and environments as well as collaborating with a range of different disciplines and fields. Williams’ work operates on a range of scales from the human sized to those of architectural proportions. Williams studied at the University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Art.
Professor Chris Speed

Professor Chris Speed is Chair in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, collaborating with a wide variety of partners to explore how design provides methods to adapt, and create products and services within a networked society. Chris has an established track record in directing large complex grants with industry partners that apply methods to challenges in the banking, international development and cultural heritage sectors.

Patricia Wu Wu

Patricia Wu Wu is a fashion designer and researcher who works with algorithmic computation, remote-sensing, digital fabrication, fiction and performance. She received her MA in Fashion and Textiles from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015. Her PhD research aims to mutate fashion towards new thresholds of material perceptibility, creating speculative conditions for thinking and practicing in the Anthropocene. www.patriciawuwu.com


9. How do the creative industries use data?

Ninth in the series of talks to take place on Monday 7th September at 6pm. Produced by the University of Edinburgh's Festivals, Culture and City Events Team and hosted by Director, Janet Archer. Recording available here now