Online space audit system

Web central, for changes in the use and occupier of space, is the online space management system used in the University of Edinburgh.

The Raeburn Room in Old College

Web central enables space audit contacts to update room information online at any point during a given year.

Using the system

This facility is for authorised users only. Authorised users have been nominated by college and support group representatives on the University‘s Space Management Group.

Login in to MyEd and EASE

To access Archibus Web Central users need to install a special web browser (called the HARMAN Packaged Browser) which is especially designed to display Web Central’s interactive Flash content. 

User guides for Acessing Web Central via HARMAN 

Becoming a user

New users should complete an online application form to request access to the Web Central Space Console.

Campus - Global Plan 

Space Guidelines and Policy

We are currently redrafting our Space Policy and Guidlines to reflect the changing world we work in.