Security Section

Security Section trials electric vehicle

The Security Section has completed a trial of a Nissan LEAF electric car, as part of its commitment to improving sustainability

The University of Edinburgh Security Section introduced an Electric Car as part of its fleet for a trial period. The Nissan LEAF replaced one of the vehicles and was extensively used throughout the University estate. The LEAF is wholly battery powered and so does not generate any emissions at street level. The vehicle is charged at one of the university's dedicated charging stations.

Security Officers Barry Edmonds and Gareth Satherley stand with the Nissan LEAF electric car
Security Officers Barry Edmonds and Gareth Satherley stand with the Nissan LEAF electric car

While also reducing emissions, the interior of the Nissan LEAF is made up of 60% recycled plastics and 99% of its weight is fully recyclable according to the technology magazine, Popular Mechanics.

The purpose of the trial was to assess its suitability for a department which is in constant operation. The primary challenge was to ensure that the vehicle was always charged and ready to drive.

The Security Section delivers a 24/7 operation and we have several vehicles constantly in use. My hope is that the electric car will be a comfortable match for our needs whilst enabling us to contribute more towards sustainability.

James BroomfieldSecurity Operations Manager

This trial follows the Security Section's successful adoption of a hybrid vehicle, which utilises a conventional petrol engine alongside a battery-powered electric motor. Working in tandem, the motors are able to achieve greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. This vehicle also utilises regenerative braking, whereby the vehicle's kinetic energy is used to recharge the battery when braking - energy which would ordinarily be lost as heat.