Bike Marking

The University of Edinburgh Security Section is regularly involved in bike marking events throughout the year.

KW at KB

University Bike Marking Success

The events are advertised to all University students and staff, and offer an excellent opportunity to attend with or without a cycle, obtain advice and literature about safer cycling, how to keep themselves safer on the public road, how to keep their cycle safer to reduce likelihood of theft etc. They are also able to have their cycle safety checked by Dr Bike, and security marked by Security Section Officers.

Repairs and Maintenance

Bike Repair

Information available to those attending includ locations of safe cycle parking at and around the University, safer cycle routes, Edinburgh/Mid/East and West Lothian cycling maps, advice on locks, and more.

As well as Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS), and Transport and Parking staff, Martyn from SPOKES (a Lothian cycling group) was on hand to provide advice, assistance and maps.


Security Section officers are present (generally 2 at each location) to carry out cycle security marking and registration with BIKEREGISTER. This involves marking the bike with a unique number using a UV dye, and placing a visible sticker on the bike, making it clear to anyone looking at the bike that it has been marked and registered. The unique number, serial number and description of the bike was thereafter recorded with BIKEREGISTER against the owners details. This service is offered free to all students and staff, and it has been proven to work in recent times.