Space planning

We can help you choose and arrange furniture in your area.

Please supply us with the following:

  • Building name/address and room number of area(s) concerned.
  • How many people to be located in the area(s)
  • What area(s) to be used for (eg office space, teaching, lab, coffee area)
  • Expectations – you may already have an idea of what you would like to incorporate into the area (eg workstations, pedestals, filing cabinets)

Charges may apply for this service.

If you are increasing the number of people within the room or area, please contact Small Projects and Minor Works Department in the first instance.  They will advise if the room and surrounding area are able to cope with an increase in capacity.  Please contact Small Projects and Minor Works Department at

If you are not increasing capacity, please advise.  If an increase has been agreed a copy confirmation email is required.


New ways of working on campus

Are you looking at new ways of working in your area (eg changing to open or enclosed booths rather than traditional workstations)?  

Within Estates we have a dedicated team looking at new ways of working in the workplace.  The team are able to advise on products and provide a design service which is funded.  Please contact in the first instance.


Configuration and layout

For help visualising layouts please see configuration layout document.