Furniture Requests

How to obtain furniture.

All requests for furniture should be made to the Furniture Store via the Furniture Request Form. You can also contact us to discuss your request, prior to submitting the form.

If you are increasing the number of people within the room or area, contact Estates Space Management ( in the first instance.  They will advise if the room and surrounding area are able to cope with an increase in capacity.

If you are not increasing capacity, or the increase has been agreed (copy confirmation required), complete Furniture Request Form.

Supply of second-hand and new furniture

All requests are considered, and furniture provided will be appropriate to the users concerned. Where possible, second-hand furniture will be supplied. If new furniture is required, advice will be given on suitable options, dependent on the location and use. All orders must be placed by Furniture, and you must not contact suppliers directly. We will also arrange the uplift of existing items where applicable.

Second-hand furniture

When items returned are in good condition, we will offer this furniture to Departments before supplying new. Our stock of second-hand furniture is dependent on what is being returned from other areas of the University. 

We cannot guarantee exact match in product code or finish but we will endeavour to match existing furniture. 

New furniture

If we are unable to provide suitable second-hand furniture, new furniture will be supplied.

There may be a charge to the Department for new furniture, and you will be advised prior to placing your order if this is the case.