Furniture removals

How to return or recycle old or surplus furniture.

All items being returned will be assessed. All good quality items will be redistributed through our second hand stock. (In a typical year the University can save approximately £200,000 by reuse of existing furniture as opposed to buying new.)

Items which are no longer suitable for University use will be recycled, as will items of poor quality. They will be broken down into component parts for recycling.

Please use the furniture request form to tell us where the furniture will be uplifted from, and to give a detailed breakdown of the furniture in question. All items must be clearly labelled.

If there is an urgent request or large quantity of items to be removed, this may be chargeable to the department or project. We will try to minimise costs wherever we can. We will advise prior to uplift, whether or not a charge will be incurred.

If you have secondhand, reproduction or antique items that are no longer required, please complete the furniture request form to arrange uplift. After a period of time, where antique furniture cannot be relocated within the University, items may be sent to auction.


Furniture request form


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