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Information about the Furniture Office and how to contact us.

The Furniture Office is responsible for providing and maintaining freestanding furniture to all areas of the University.  We can also arrange for removal of unwanted items, and the transfer of items within the University. We provide advice and assistance with purchases and delivery when a school or department may require new furniture.

The Furniture Office is involved in providing furniture to all major projects within the University.  We work with the Procurement Office to help the user group achieve best value, aesthetic and functionality.


Furniture Office

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13 Infirmary Street

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Staff contact details

Name  Phone  Email
Kate Fitzpatrick (Waste and Furniture Manager) 0131 651 4287
Janette Wood (Waste and Furniture Senior Administrator) 0131 650 2076
Scott Lyell (Waste and Furniture Store Manager) 0131 650 4366
John Hoggan (Waste and Furniture Assistant) 0131 650 4366
John Clark (Waste and Furniture Assistant) 0131 650 4366