Plastic packaging, packing material, plastic bottles, plastic pots and other plastics.

Yes - packaging films, rinsed out milk bottles, empty drinks bottles, clean salad trays, rinsed out margarine tubs, bubble wrap
No - crisp packets, sweet wrappers, polystyrene, hard and rigid plastics (e.g. window frames, pipes, drums or other non-bulky compactable plastic items), containers with food residues, hazardous material (e.g. paint tins or bleach bottles), bioplastics, microwaveable meal trays,  plastic bags, plastic packaging strapping


  1. Reuse: packing material is often made of plastic and given the right circumstances, can be reused. If you have a large amount of plastic packaging suitable for reuse, consider reuse internally or contact Waste Office.
  2. Recycling: plastics marked with recycling numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be placed in Dry Mixed Recycling bin (orange lid). Any other plastic packaging must be placed in General Waste bin (grey lid).