Confidential waste (paper and data)

Confidential waste: paper, CDs, DVDs, and tapes, and items that contain sensitive information.


Yes - the following can also be accepted alongside paper documents - staples, paper clips, lever arch files, plastic wallets containing documents, envelopes (including with windows), manilla files, rubber bands, small bulldog/spring file clips, metal/plastic bindings

No - food, polystyrene, large metal objects, electrical equipment, batteries, aerosols, chemical waste (including hazardous waste)

Uplift required?
Yes (via licensed contractor)
Yes (bag - £4.25 per bag, console - £12.50 per uplift, data - £8.70 per bag)

Restore Datashred are our new contractor for confidential waste (replacing Shred-it from 15 November 2019). Restore Datashred are a nationwide company, and following collection from the University, all waste will be transported to their Scotland depot in Newbridge. All paper waste is shredded under CCTV security before the end of the working day in line with security shredding standards BS EN15713:2009.

If you have a console you should now have a Restore Datashred one, with the Shred-it console having been collected week commencing 18 November 2019. If your console has not been replaced, or you do not have a new console, contact the Waste Office

We have installed a confidential waste container on site meaning that our Waste Assistants can collect bags instead of Restore Datashred which should reduce the turnaround time (note that for large collection the Waste Office may request that Restore Datashred collect directly from source). The process for collection has been updated below.

N.B. Restore Datashred will process waste in Shred-it bags and therefore old stock can be used up before requesting bags from the Waste Office. 


  1. Contact Waste Office to request confidential waste bags or to arrange installation of a console (see further information below).
  2. Bag paper separately from data e.g. CDs, DVDs and tapes.
  3. Arrange an uplift of bags by generating an eIT (Estates & Buildings is Supplying Unit and Estates Waste Management is Sub-unit); make a note of eIT number. 
  4. Complete Uplift Request Form and email to Waste Office stating eIT to arrange an uplift. 
  5. The Waste Office will inform you when the waste will be collected by the Waste Assistants (note that for large collection the Waste Office may request that Restore Datashred collect directly from source).


It is the responsibility of the Department to ensure that the confidential sacks are stored securely before uplift. Bags must only be used for ad-hoc collections and those regularly producing confidential waste must request a lockable console to keep your confidential waste secure whilst enabling you to store it in an accessible location. The Waste Office will review who is producing regular bags for collection, and this will determine where consoles are required to be installed. The diameter of the consoles are 850(H) X 550(W) X 400(D) mm and these hold approximately five bags worth of confidential waste, and collection frequency can vary from weekly to 12-weekly. 

Contact Waste Office for further information.

Should you need emergency access to a console contact the Waste Office, or Security (outwith office hours).