Assessment of hazardous properties

This section explains how to classify a waste and identify its hazardous properties.

Classification - steps 1 to 3

In order to appropriately store, monitor and manage most wastes, it is first necessary to classify it.

Hazardous assessment - steps 4 to 7

The information provided in this section summarises the methodology outlined by the UK regulators to assess the hazardous properties of waste. This methodology is detailed within Technical Guidance WM3. It is illegal to dispose of chemical waste other than via an authorised contractor to an authorised facility. Chemical waste must never be disposed of to drain or sewer.

Hazardous substances - step 5 detail

This page explains how to identify if a substance is a hazardous substance and what the chemical composition is. You can use it to determine what hazard statement codes are assigned. It is based on WM3 Appendix B.

Classification exclusions

This section defines what Article 2 of the Waste Framework Directive excludes.