Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard items, such as office paper, packaging, boxes, birthday cards and similar.

Yes - cardboard (corrugated, cereal boxes, non-plastic coated packaging), paper (newspapers, office paper, magazines, sticky notes), envelopes (including window envelopes), newspapers, books, catalogues and journals
No - disposable hot drinks cups, plastic coated cardboard, paper towels, glitter cards/wrapping paper, padded envelopes, sandwich boxes
Uplift required?
Potentially (for large quantities)


  1. Remove all contents, plastic packaging and polystyrene inserts.
  2. Place small quantities of paper/cardboard in Dry Mixed Recycling bin (orange lid).
  3. For large quantities of cardboard boxed items, check if supplier will take packaging back; if not possible, flat pack large cardboard boxes together and place next to an internal recycling bin and contact Waste Office to arrange uplift. 
  4. Disposable hot drinks cups, plastic coated cardboard or glitter cards/wrapping paper cannot be recycled and must be placed in the General Waste bin (grey lid).