Not all glass is recyclable. Drinking glasses, window panes and Pyrex are not recyclable as they are made from a toughened glass which contains a different mix of chemicals, meaning they have a different melting point to glass bottles and jars.

Possibly (if intact)
Yes - empty recyclable clear, brown and green glass bottle and jars, Winchester glass bottles
No - Pyrex, water jugs, drinking glasses, ceramic items (e.g. plates, mugs)
Uplift required?

Process (non-recyclable)

  1. If items are intact and clean they might be reusable; contact Waste Office for more information.
  2. If items are broken or otherwise not-reusable, box securely and place box in external General Waste container or contact Waste Office to arrange uplift.

Process (recyclable clear, brown and green glass bottles and jars)

  1. Check container for contents: if hazardous material is present within glass container the container must be disposed of along with contents i.e. as chemical waste.
  2. Remove lid, empty contents, wash out and place in Dry Mixed Recycling bin (orange lid).
  3. Rinse and dispose in blue/green glass caddy (normally found in kitchen and tea prep areas).