Food packaging

Not all types of take away food packaging are recyclable, the material itself may not be recyclable, or paper and card which is recyclable may be contaminated with food/drink residues.

Yes - packaging films, rinsed out milk bottles, empty drinks bottles, clean salad trays, rinsed out margarine tubs, rinsed cans (food or drink), cardboard (corrugated, cereal boxes, non-plastic coated packaging), Tetra Pak, aluminium foil, bubble wrap
No - disposable hot drinks cups, plastic coated cardboard (e.g. noodle pots, takeaway food boxes, etc), crisp packets, sweet wrappers, polystyrene, sandwich boxes (cardboard/cellophane mix), glass, microwaveable meal trays


  1. If there is food residue or drink remaining which cannot be rinsed out, or packaging is non-recyclable place in General Waste bin (grey lid).

  2. If packaging is clean and recyclable place in Dry Mixed Recycling bin (orange lid).