Requesting a project

Information on how to request a building or maintenance project.

Capital projects range from refurbishment and re-modelling of buildings to extensions and new builds. 

Capital Projects fall into four types - categorisation of major capital development projects is based on an assessment of:

  • Cost
  • Impact
  • Complexity
  • Reputation

The project type will determine the University’s approach in terms of Gateway principles.

Major capital project types

Strategic projects are typically estimated to cost around £20 million and upwards Major projects are typically estimated to cost between £10 million and £20 million Minor projects are typically estimated to cost up to £10 million

These projects must be discussed, in the first instance, with a senior member of the College or Support Group (SG) management team, preferably the College or SG member who attends the University’s Estates Committee.

If the project proposal is to be progressed further, a strategic assessment, to satisfy the requirements of Gateway 0, is required.

The College or SG member of the Estates Committee will advise on such matters and make the necessary arrangements with colleagues in the Estates Department to present a paper to the Estates Committee. This is the first key step of the Gateway process for project management.

Annual small projects programme

There is an annual budget available for small works - typically £3 million per annum to be shared between the Colleges and Support Groups. Bids are invited each year as follows:

Role Date Action
Vice-Principal First week in August *Request Heads of Colleges and Support Groups to submit their bids in priority order for schemes.
Head of Estates Finance Last week in October Receive and sort bids.
Depute Director of Estates (Works)/Premises Manager/Head of Estates Finance November Meet with Heads of Colleges/Support Groups (or nominees) to review bids and finalise costs/priorities to be presented to Estate Committee for approval.
Depute Director of Estates (Works)/Head of Estates Finance December Submit prioritised programme to the Estates Committee and seek formal approval.
Head of Estates Finance December/January Advise College/Support Groups/Estates staff of Estates Committee outcome.

* In terms of the bidding process, the Corporate Services Group (CSG) and the Student and Academic Services Group (SASG) will in effect act as one group together with the Information Services Group (ISG) and three Colleges there will be five bidding units.


If the project request is of a maintenance nature please contact Contract Services team via the Estates Helpdesk.

Estates Helpdesk