Gender Neutral Toilets

Gender neutral toilets are bathrooms which can be used by anyone, regardless of gender.

While anyone can use a gender neutral toilet, they are particularly important for trans and non-binary students and staff who may feel uncomfortable in or unable to use gendered bathrooms.

The map below shows the locations of gender neutral toilets across the University’s campuses.


The University is actively looking to improve the provision of gender neutral toilets, particularly in areas where there is currently no or limited access to non-gendered bathrooms. In some cases, it may be possible to convert existing gendered bathrooms to gender neutral toilets. The ideal candidates for conversion are:

  • Single-stall i.e. where there is only one toilet in a space rather than multiple stalls
  • Not an accessible toilet i.e. a larger than usual bathroom with adaptations to make it more accessible
  • In a building where there are other single-gender toilets

If you are aware of a gender neutral bathroom which is not listed on this map, believe you have found a bathroom which may be suitable for conversion to a gender neutral bathroom, or have any questions regarding gender neutral facilities on campus, please contact

Campus  Building Location of gender neutral toilets
Central Area 7 Bristo Square Second floor
Central Area Teviot Row House Second floor, near Dining Room
Central Area Potterrow     Near Dome Bar
Central Area 5 Forrest Hill

Ground floor

First floor (1.Z03)

Central Area 7 George Square

Basement: B.12 (B.Z36) and B.13 (B.Z35)

Upper first floor: UF38 (1.Z18) and UF39 (1.Z17)

Central Area 40 George Square Third floor
Central Area Main Library

Ground floor

First floor

Central Area Dugald Stewart Building

Ground floor

Third floor

Central Area Alison House

Ground floor: G.Z06, next to the staircase and G.13 (G.Z10)

Second floor: 2.Z09

Third floor: 3.Z05 and 3.Z06

Central Area Pleasance - Salisbury Block

Ground floor: 3 toilets

First floor: 3 toilets

Second floor: 1 toilet and 1 toilet with shower

Central Area Pleasance West Ground floor: 5 toilets
Central Area Pleasance Theatre Block

Basement: 5 toilets

Ground floor: 1 toilet

Cabaret Bar: 2 toilets

First floor: 2 toilets

Central Area 48a, Pleasance 1 toilet next to Munro Room
Central Area William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School

Ground floor: disabled toilet

Second floor: disabled toilet

Central Area

The Institute of Geography

Midway up the basement to ground floor stairwell (1.28)

Central Area

Edinburgh College of Art, Main Building

B floor: Between Printmaking and Photography (B.51E)

C floor: Next to Sculpture Court (C.52B and C.51)

Central Area

Hunter Building

N floor: Next to the lift (N.20)

O floor: Next to the lift O.39A

Central Area

North-East Studio Building

J floor: Next to J.03 (J.10B)

L floor: Next to the lift and L.04 (L.15A and L.15C)

Central Area

Evolution House

Ground floor: In the corridor

First floor: In the corridor

Second floor: In the corridor

Fifth floor: In the corridor

Central Area

7/8 Chambers Street

Second floor: Opposite the lift (2.Z7)

Central Area

Adam House

Basement floor: Opposite the lecture theatre (B.Z19)

King's Buildings Roger Land     Ground floor (GZ04-GZ07)
King's Buildings James Clerk Maxwell Building Floor 8 (next to 8215)

King’s Buildings

The Grant Institute

Second floor: outside the postgraduate attic