Values and Behaviours

Guidance on Values and Behaviours for the Estates Department.

One Team

picture of Estates staff -

What does this mean?

We look outside of our own job or area of work, to support each other and  share our knowledge and experience across the whole department. 

What does this mean for Managers/Leaders? We encourage our team to take ownership for delivering excellent service  through collaboration with other teams.

We show this by: Managers show this by: This means together we're not:
Working collaboratively across teams  Encouraging departmental collaborations Working in silos 
Focusing on common goals  Supporting the team to achieve departmental goals           Failing to be aware of  department priorities  
Looking for opportunities to help others           Being aware of staff and customer needs and goals Ignoring issues we could help with 
Making effective improvements  Welcoming ideas and suggestions Focusing on negatives and barriers
Sharing and learning from experiences  Communicating positively across teams Failing to learn from failure and success



estates - v and b respect

What does this mean?

We recognise the contribution that each of us makes to the department and treat all  of our colleagues with respect and consideration.

What does this mean for Managers/Leaders? We take an interest in the team as individuals - valuing their input and communicating  with all professionally and with integrity. We value and respect equality and diversity.

We show this by: Managers show this by: This means together we're not:
Treating others with respect  Ensuring working practices are aligned to our values        Being disrespectful
Showing appreciation Recognising others' contributions Making others feel undervalued
Valuing diversity  Valuing others’ strengths and experiences Being intolerant towards others 
Understanding the impact of our behaviour          Promoting and recognising positive behaviour Ignoring negative behaviour 
Living our values  Leading by example Contradicting our values with our behaviour



Estates - V&B people

What does this mean?

We know that everyone in the department matters, and that each person is  allowed to be the best that they can be.

What does this mean for Managers/Leaders? We lead, develop, manage and motivate the team. Setting clear goals, we provide the right support and celebrate success.

We show this by: Managers show this by: This means together we're not:
Understanding and valuing our role Providing clear direction  Setting unrealistic goals
Supporting each other Proactively developing staff  Failing to support others to achieve

Recognising the importance of work/life balance  

Recognising and discussing the work/life choices of staff  Ignoring the importance of staff wellbeing
Giving and welcoming feedback Providing and responding to constructive feedback Failing to respond or offering unconstructive feedback
Celebrating success and say thank you Rewarding and recognising good performance Failing to celebrate success 



Estates - v and b Positivity

What does this mean?

We make the department a great place to work by approaching situations with enthusiasm.  We do not get discouraged by setbacks, but use them as opportunities to improve.

What does this mean for Managers/Leaders? We create a positive culture where continuous improvement is valued. Acting as an ambassador for the department by demonstrating our engagement and motivating   those around us.

We show this by: Managers show this by: This means together we're not:
Staying upbeat  Seeing mistakes as learning opportunities       Complaining without  suggesting improvements 
Being happy when others succeed Getting the best out of people Failing to recognise other’s success
Being enthusiastic  Enthusing others Searching for negativity 
Challenging negativity  Being a positive role model  Letting our own attitude become negative
Having a positive approach to change        Being an ambassador for change  Becoming a barrier to positive change



picture of Estates staff and the word Commitment

What does this mean?

We follow through on our commitments to colleagues and customers, and we take  responsibility for recognising our errors and putting them right.

What does this mean for Managers/Leaders? We take responsibility for our team’s performance, ensuring individuals are empowered to make decisions in order to meet commitments and do the right thing.

We show this by: Managers show this by: This means together we're not:
Going the extra mile  Empowering staff to help our customers Allowing our standards to slip 
Displaying a ‘can do’ approach        Managing effectively to meet and exceed standards       Walking away from a problem 
Taking pride in a good job  Encouraging excellent customer service  Passing the blame 
Owning up to our mistakes  Taking ownership of issues and seek solutions  Avoiding difficult conversations and ignoring concerns
Getting the job done Supporting staff to perform well  Accepting poor performance