Equality and Diversity

e-Diversity in the Workplace

e-Diversity in the Workplace Equality & Diversity (E&D) online training module (and Equality Impact Assessment training module).

Notes for Users

  • e-Diversity in the Workplace is an on-line E&D training resource to help increase your knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity issues.
  • It has secure log in using your University email address.
  • Training can be carried out at your own pace. If you don’t want to complete the course in one session, click on 'Bookmark' before exiting the system and it will automatically take you back to where you left off when you next log in.
  • The e-Diversity system automatically records who has accessed e-Diversity, and progress with the training in order to monitor use of licences and maintain training records
  • Please note that the content was designed by Marshall ACM and not the University but we would be happy to have your feedback on how the system might be improved if required, to the email address below.
  • The on-line package also includes a brief Equality Impact Assessment training module which can be accessed once you have logged in via e-Diversity, as per below instructions

Logging in

Staff have been pre-registered on the system and should log-in below using your University email address followed by the generic password which is 'password'.

You will then be prompted to change your password to one of your own choice before the system will let you progress.

However, If you are a recent or new member of staff, and you are having problems accessing the training, it may be because the system update has not yet added your details to the database.

In which case you can self-register below and by choosing 'new users - register here'

Please email us if you experience any problems with the training module.