Equality and Diversity


An overview of the Equality Act 2010 and the Law in relation to disability.

Estates Accessibility Policy

Legal overview

An overview of the Equality Act 2010 legislation in relation to disability.


The Student Disability Service support students with a range of impairments as defined under the Equality Act.


What is a disability, reasonable adjustment, disability discrimination.

Download our  AccessAble - UoE   App which  is available on both iOS and Android, and uses symbols, photos and descriptions to give you instant access to information about ramps, lifts and accessible toilets.  Handy features include Find a Loo, which shows the nearest accessible toilet on campus, MyWayToGo which directs you to a chosen accessible place on campus, and FindMeNow, an in-built emergency locator that sends your GPS location to your chosen emergency contact by email or SMS.  

Estates Accessibility Policy (PDF)

Estates Accessibility Policy Guidance (PDF)

Business Disability Forum

AccessAble  - Free accessibility advice and guidance.