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EqualBITE – A Recipe Book for Gender Equality in Higher Education

EqualBITE is a ‘recipe book’ which aims to share practical and effective strategies for creating more gender balanced working environments in higher education. The recipes were written by University of Edinburgh staff and students, drawing from their real life experiences.

The recipe format developed for the book gave people space to reflect, sometimes humorously, sometimes critically, on how things actually are. Recipes also provided people with an opportunity to share practical advice. In large complex organisations like universities, the culture and environment can vary considerably across different departments: being able to adapt effective strategies is likely to enhance their impact.

EqualBITE campaign
EqualBITE campaign


The book was not produced to be a glossy politically correct version of Edinburgh’s successes in gender equality. Instead it is intended to be a frank exploration of the messy reality. The recipes to highlight some excellent practice but also to show the complexity of enhancing gender equality and to uncover the frustrations people face. The overall tone is positive and constructive with real insights to share within the University but also across the higher education sector and beyond.


The book was launched in May 2018, and can also be downloaded free as an open access book of recipes, case studies and articles, at:  EqualBITE (oapen.org)