Equality and Diversity

Dignity and Respect Advisors

How Dignity and Respect Advisors can help.

The University is committed to promoting a positive culture in which all members of the University community treat each other with dignity and respect, and where bullying, harassment and discrimination are known to be unacceptable.

To support this commitment, the University provides a network of staff ‘Dignity and Respect Advisors’ (DRAs) made up of staff from across the University and in a variety of roles. DRAs are volunteers trained to work with staff who feel they have been subject to, or have been accused of bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

The role of the DRA is to:

  • provide confidential advice and support to University staff who feel that they have been the subject of bullying, harassment or discrimination, or have been accused of such behaviour
  • actively listen and discuss the situation in a non-judgemental and impartial manner
  • outline the options available to the individual to resolve their concerns and provide clear information on relevant University policies and procedures
  • act as a signpost for information, directing the individual to other appropriate sources of support and advice such as HR, staff counselling, and relevant external agencies
  • attend regular training in relation to their role as a DRA

The role of the DRA is not to:

  • decide on the validity of the individual’s concerns, decide on or take a particular course of action on behalf of the individual
  • undertake any investigation; act as an advocate for the individual; or accompany a member of staff through any informal or formal proceedings
  • provide legal advice, or counselling

How to contact a Dignity and Respect Advisor

Dignity and Respect Advisors are available to talk to member of staff in person, or by telephone, during normal working hours.

If you would like to speak to a Dignity and Respect Advisor, please contact the DRA Coordinator at equalitydiversity@ed.ac.uk. Your details will be passed on to one of our trained advisors who will then contact you to arrange a meeting. Where possible, you will be assigned an Advisor outside your own School/Department.

if you prefer to meet with an Advisor of a specific gender, let the DRA Coordinator when you make initial contact.

Any meeting will be led by you, our advisors are there to listen to your concerns and help you reach a decision on the next step to take to resolve your concerns. You may find it helpful to write down the key points you want to make in advance of the meeting.

Email: equalitydiversity@ed.ac.uk


You can expect Dignity & Respect Advisors to treat any information you provide as confidential, unless the DRA feels there is a genuine and serious risk of harm to you or other staff/students.

The DRA will take notes of key points during your meeting, as a useful record should a follow-up meeting be necessary. These notes will not be shared with anyone else.

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