Equality and Diversity


Contact information and Committee Network roles.


If you have any questions about the Network  or are interested in becoming a member, please:

Email: staffpridenetwork@ed.ac.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UoEStaffPride

Staff Pride Network Committee

The Network Committe consists of the followng roles and their office bearers:

Co-chairs (x2) Jonathan MacBride and Katie Nicoll Baines
Treasurer Alain Kemp
Bi-Rep Katie Nicoll Baines
Communication and Media Officer Robert Court
Social and Events Officer vacancy
Support and Mentoring Alex Solomon
Allies Carol Dow and Danielle Marlow
Disabilities Rep Naomi Saphra
Trans and Non-Binary Rep Wen Kokke
BAME Rep Michael Ramsammy
Research Officer Edgar Rodríguez-Dorans
Committee Meeting Secretary Derek Williams

Committee Biogs



Jonathan MacBride - Network Co-Chair
Jonathan MacBride - Co-Chair. Co-Chair since the re-energising of the staff network in 2016, I maintain an enthusiastic perspective for positive change for LGBT+ staff and students at UoE. With a fantastic team of volunteers we have developed a network of >550 members and won Stonewall Scotland Network of the Year 2018. At the School of Informatics I recently joined the Graduate School administration team, having worked in the Business School PGT team since 2015. In my personal life I play squash regularly at Colinton Castle Sports Club, where I also organise an LGBT+ squash club, and chair the Scottish Squash Equality Advisory Group. I somehow found a guy who married me in 2013.  
Katie Nicoll Baines
Katie Nicoll Baines - Co-Chair and Bi-Rep. Project Manager, Evidence Base, School of Chemistry. Katie joined the University in 2017 as a post doc in the IGMM before taking up her current post in the School of Chemistry. She is a passionate advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives – particularly those aimed at changing how systems operate that currently marginalise and exclude many people. She enjoys cooking and baking in her spare time as well as spending time with her younger siblings – playing board games, and travelling and having adventures with her partner.
Rob Court
Robert Court - Communication and Media Officer. I am a PostDoc in the School of Informatics specialising in insect neurobiology. I got my PhD & MSc at Edinburgh University in NeuroInformatics after my BSc in Robotics & AI at the prestigious Bradford University. Before my adventures in academia, I worked for many years in the ‘real world’ as an Engineer in Electronics & Software design and support. Label wise I am Gay, Autistic, Humanist, Dyslexic, Prosopagnosic and have ADHD. I always have tried to do what I can to improve rights for all and am a believer in Kol-Ut-Shan.
Alex Solomon - Social and Events Officer
Alex Solomon - Support & Mentoring A queer Californian from Los Angeles, Alex received her BA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College, before completing her MA and MSc in Conservation at UCL.  She moved to Edinburgh in 2011 to complete an internship at National Museums Scotland and has lived in Scotland ever since. Student Support Officer by day and amateur musician by night, in her spare time Alex enjoys cooking, crafting, reading horror novels, and co-running the School of Social and Political Science’s Community Choir.
Alain Kemp - SPN Treasurer

Alain Kemp - Treasurer. Laboratory manager at the Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre, Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine. I joined the University of Edinburgh as a research assistant in 2012. I enjoy facilitating other people's research, helping to resolve their experimental issues while keeping them safe, which led to my current post as lab manager, assisting a dozen research groups in ECRC. Having witnessed how management decisions can negatively affect close LGBT+ colleagues and friends, I have become determined to boost awareness of LGBT+ issues and advocate equality, diversity, inclusion and intersectionality. In my spare time, I am a bookworm, gin fiend and using my green thumb to cultivate a number of Bonsai. I am also an avid PC and board gamer, co-organising the board games group at IGMM.

Carol Dow SPN Ally
Carol Dow  and Danielle Marlow- Allies. Carol is a member of the computing team in the School of Informatics where she splits her time between a front-line support role and a systems development role alongside a team of developers. She is also passionate about Equality and Diversity and support for mental health and is a member of the relevant  committees within Informatics.  In her spare time, when she has it (!), she enjoys travelling, gardening, reading, and having two sons who are musicians, is a passionate music lover and attends concerts whenever the opportunity arises. Carol is currently half-way through an Open University degree in Art and English Literature. She is also very keen on gin!
Naomi Saphra
Naomi Saphra - Disabilities Rep. I'm a PhD student in informatics studying machine learning and natural language processing. In my spare time, I read and play roller derby because it's a contact sport that doesn't use my hands, because my hands don't work properly. Like all disabled people who have figured out how to adapt to their condition, my success has been largely a result of luck and the support of a few people. I want to provide that support, especially to anyone who already finds it difficult to trust authorities, and that's my goal as disability representative.
Wen Kokke- SPN Trans and Non-Binary Rep.

Wen Kokke- Trans and Non-Binary Rep.  I am a PhD student and Research Associate in the School of Informatics, researching programming languages. Wen got her BSc and MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, before moving to Scotland in 2016. She is a passionate advocate for equality and diversity. She enjoys cooking and sewing in her spare time. Wen has chosen to use a cartoon for her picture to avoid abuse received in recent times by many trans people. She welcomes meetings in person with trans colleagues and students.


Michael Ramsammy – BAME Rep.

SPN Research Officer
Edgar Rodriguez-Dorans - Research Officer. I am a qualitative researcher and mental health practitioner interested in the study of identities, sexualities, the everyday lives of LGBTQIA+ people, and the use of performing arts in research. I have presented my work in Mexico, Spain, Canada, U.K., Malta, France, and New Zealand. I completed a PhD in Counselling Studies at the University of Edinburgh and I currently work as a Mental Health Mentor at the Student Disability Service. Two of my most recent endeavours are my role as co-host of 'Tales from the Tea Room', a podcast that touches upon the subtleties, the existential, and 'the everyday' qualities of gay men's lives, and host of the reading group 'The Everyday Lives of LGBTQIA+ People', which explores what it means to think about LGBTQIA+ people through 'the ordinary' to better understand the grand narratives that shape our existence.
Derek Williams, SPN Committee Meeting Secretary
Derek Williams - Committee Meeting Secretary. I am a native New Zealander, with Scottish and Irish parentage. After a long career in Australia as a teacher, composer, conductor, arranger, record producer and outspoken LGBT+ activist in education, I immigrated to Scotland to realise my dream of writing a full-scale opera about the life of Oscar Wilde, which I completed in submission for my PhD in Music Composition. Wilde is expected to receive its world première performance in 2019.  My other work crosses the genres of classical, jazz, and pop and has been performed at the Royal Albert Hall and Garrick Theatre (London), Sydney Opera House, as well as in New York and Rome. I have 27 IMDb film and television credits, and 33 Discogs album recording credits.  I joined Staff Pride Network upon its formation, for activist, research and social reasons, and am delighted by its rapid growth. My current interest lies in collaboration internationally with other university LGBT+ groups, particularly in countries where homosexuality is still criminalised.