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Contacts and Committee

Contact information and Committee Network roles.


If you have any questions about the Network  or are interested in becoming a member, please:

Email: staffpridenetwork@ed.ac.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UoEStaffPride

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UoEStaffPride

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uoestaffpride

Staff Pride Network Committee

The Network Committee consists of the following roles and their office bearers:

Co-chairs (x2)

Jonathan MacBride 

Katie Nicoll Baines



Deputy Co-Chair Danielle Marlow she/her
Treasurer Alain Kemp he/him
Bi+ Rep Cathy Naughton she/her
Communication and Media Officers

Robert Court

Cathy Naughton



Social and Events Officers

Sarah Barnard




Support and Mentoring Alex Solomon she/her
Disabilities Rep Vacant  
Trans and Non-Binary Rep Merlin Seller she/they
BAME Rep Zahra Massoud she/her
Research Officer Rowan Rush-Morgan he/him
Ally Reps

Tara Spires-Jones




Committee Meeting Secretary Derek Williams he/him/his

Committee Biogs

Jonathan MacBride - Network Co-Chair
Jonathan MacBride, Co-Chair (he/him) - Co-Chair since the re-energising of the staff network in 2016, I maintain an enthusiastic perspective for positive change for LGBT+ staff and students at UoE. With a fantastic team of volunteers we have developed a network of >550 members and won Stonewall Scotland Network of the Year 2018. At the School of Informatics I recently joined the Graduate School administration team, having worked in the Business School PGT team since 2015. In my personal life I play squash regularly at Colinton Castle Sports Club, where I also organise an LGBT+ squash club, and chair the Scottish Squash Equality Advisory Group. I somehow found a guy who married me in 2013.  
Katie Nicoll Baines
Katie Nicoll Baines, Co-Chair (she/her) - Project Manager, Evidence Base, School of Chemistry. Katie joined the University in 2017 as a post doc in the Institute of Genetics and Cancer before taking up her current post in the School of Chemistry. She is a passionate advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives – particularly those aimed at changing how systems operate that currently marginalise and exclude many people. She enjoys cooking and baking in her spare time as well as spending time with her younger siblings – playing board games, and travelling and having adventures with her partner.
Danielle Marlow SPN Deputy Co-Chair and Ally rep.
Danielle Marlow, Deputy Co-Chair (she/her)-  Development Coordinator for the Education Programme within Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility. I split my time between the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, the Western General Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children sites delivering a programme of clinical research education to a diverse community of internal and external health professionals. As well as being the Deputy Co-Chair of the Staff Pride Network Committee, I also sit on the WGH Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Athena Swan committee. I feel it’s so important for all of my colleagues to work in a safe, supportive and welcoming place where everyone can just be themselves. Outside of work I love walking my dogs through Edinburgh’s country parks with my boys and friends.   
Cathy Naughton, SPN Bi-Rep
Cathy Naughton, Bi+ Rep. (she/her) - Administrator for the Centre for Data, Culture & Society by day, Cathy joined the University as a staff member in February 2019. Cathy volunteered as Bi Rep with intentions to encourage celebration of bi+ identities among colleagues. Cathy also acts as volunteer merchandise coordinator for SPN. A writer, artist and advocate for mental health & wellbeing in her spare time, Cathy hails from Ireland originally and moved to Edinburgh in 2016 to pursue her MSc in Psychology. Her essay ‘Mood Swings & Misunderstandings’ is included in So Hormonal: A Collection of Essays on Hormones (Monstrous Regiment Publishing, 2020). Her cat’s name is Beamish.
Rob Court
Robert Court, Communication and Media Officer (he/him) - I am a PostDoc in the School of Informatics specialising in insect neurobiology. I got my PhD & MSc at Edinburgh University in NeuroInformatics after my BSc in Robotics & AI at the prestigious Bradford University. Before my adventures in academia, I worked for many years in the ‘real world’ as an Engineer in Electronics & Software design and support. Label wise I am Gay, Autistic, Humanist, Dyslexic, Prosopagnosic and have ADHD. I always have tried to do what I can to improve rights for all and am a believer in Kol-Ut-Shan.
Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard, Social & Events Officer (she/they) - Administrator at Edinburgh College of Art, supporting learning and teaching. I moved to Edinburgh in 2016, studying and then working in publishing and bookselling before joining the University in February 2021. Both as a Staff Pride Network committee member and in my personal capacity as a proud bisexual, I aim to contribute positively and meaningfully to the LGBTQ+ community. In my spare time I volunteer for CreativeMornings/Edinburgh, occasionally chair literary events, and take a lot of photos of my cat.

Alex Solomon - Social and Events Officer
Alex Solomon, Support & Mentoring (she/her) -A queer Californian from Los Angeles, Alex received her BA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College, before completing her MA and MSc in Conservation at UCL.  She moved to Edinburgh in 2011 to complete an internship at National Museums Scotland and has lived in Scotland ever since. Student Support Officer by day and amateur musician by night, in her spare time Alex enjoys cooking, crafting, reading horror novels, and co-running the School of Social and Political Science’s Community Choir.
Alain Kemp - SPN Treasurer

Alain Kemp, Treasurer (he/him) - Laboratory manager at the Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre, Institute of Genetics and Cancer. I joined the University of Edinburgh as a research assistant in 2012. I enjoy facilitating other people's research, helping to resolve their experimental issues while keeping them safe, which led to my current post as lab manager, assisting a dozen research groups in ECRC. Having witnessed how management decisions can negatively affect close LGBT+ colleagues and friends, I have become determined to boost awareness of LGBT+ issues and advocate equality, diversity, inclusion and intersectionality. In my spare time, I am a bookworm, gin fiend and using my green thumb to cultivate a number of Bonsai. I am also an avid PC and board gamer, co-organising the board games group at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer.

Zahra Massoud, SPN BAME Rep

Zahra Massoud, BAME Rep (she/her) - I’m a PhD student based at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer. I studied at the University of Bristol and Imperial College London before moving to Edinburgh for my PhD. I volunteered as BAME Rep because being both mixed race and bisexual, I feel I represent some of the more marginalised groups in both BAME and LGBTQ+ spaces. I am keen to increase and improve representation of ethnic minorities in LGBTQ+ spaces in the university, as well as representation of queer communities in BAME spaces. I grew up between the USA and the UK, although ethnically I am Egyptian and Irish. Outside of work, I read a lot (I also run the SPN Book Group!) and spend far too much time involved in the local drag scene, sometimes as a fledgling drag artist but mainly as an excitable audience member.

Rowan Rush-Morgan
Rowan Rush-Morgan, Research Officer (he/they) - I joined the University of Edinburgh in 2020 as a PhD student in the School of Geosciences, researching the cultural geographies of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship in Scotland in partnership with Somewhere EDI. My research interests span queer and creative methods, transgender geographies, and rural sexualities. I joined the Staff Pride Network as Research Officer because I believe in the importance of promoting and supporting both research undertaken by LGBTQ+ researchers and research that focuses on topics relating to LGBTQ+ people. Additionally I’m keen to foster discussions on how all research, regardless of the subject matter, can better include LGBTQ+ participants. In terms of identity, the labels I use for myself are transmasculine, bisexual and autistic. Outside of university life, I’m an avid knitter of stripy socks, I play roller derby, and I enjoy hiking with my very cheeky border terrier.
Tara Spires-Jones

Tara Spires-Jones, Ally Rep (she/her) - I wear a lot of hats at the University of Edinburgh including Professor of Neurodegeneration, Deputy Director of the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, and UK Dementia Research Institute Group Leader. My lab of amazing scientists studies brain changes that cause Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, and I teach in Neuroscience courses. I am a passionate believer in the goals of the staff pride network and want to help make our University a supportive, safe, and welcoming environment for LGBT+ colleagues. Outside of work, I read a lot of science fiction novels, practice yoga, and love spending time with my human and animal family.

Derek Williams, SPN Committee Meeting Secretary
Derek Williams, Committee Meeting Secretary (he/him/his) - I am a native New Zealander, with Scottish and Irish parentage. After a long career in Australia as a teacher, composer, conductor, arranger, record producer and outspoken LGBT+ activist in education, I immigrated to Scotland to realise my dream of writing a full-scale opera about the life of Oscar Wilde, which I completed in submission for my PhD in Music Composition. Wilde is expected to receive its world première performance in 2019.  My other work crosses the genres of classical, jazz, and pop and has been performed at the Royal Albert Hall and Garrick Theatre (London), Sydney Opera House, as well as in New York and Rome. I have 27 IMDb film and television credits, and 33 Discogs album recording credits.  I joined Staff Pride Network upon its formation, for activist, research and social reasons, and am delighted by its rapid growth. My current interest lies in collaboration internationally with other university LGBT+ groups, particularly in countries where homosexuality is still criminalised.
Merlin Seller image
Merlin Seller, Trans & Non-Binary Rep (she/they) - I am a Lecturer in Design & Screen Cultures, teaching theory and historical/cultural context at Edinburgh College of Art, and Course Organiser for Introduction to Queer Studies. I'm a co-founder of the Game Worlds research cluster, part of the Centre of Data, Culture and Society, and occasionally poke at my arts practice of Sci-Fi comics and abstract painting/mixed-media. I obtained my Masters from Oxford and PhD from UEA in Visual Cultural Studies and Art History respectively, and I've since migrated to Game Studies and Film Studies with an interests in (Post-) Phenomenology, Horror, and queering the nonhuman in new media. I am a proudly pansexual and transfeminine academic, and hope to be a visible and supporting trans* presence for trans and non-binary students and staff. Outside of work I f(l)ial at gardening, walk/draw my dog and play all the videogames.