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Edinburgh Race Equality Network

The Edinburgh Race Equality Network (EREN) is a network for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff and allies committed to creating an environment where race is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly.

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Our network supports the University’s 2030 Strategy with particular championing of its key strategic area of “People”.

We will continue to welcome and bring together people from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, both close to home and across the globe.

    We will encourage and take care of one another. We will provide support in times of difficulty and celebrate every success. We will build relationships that are mutually beneficial, long lasting and constructive.

    We will value the contribution of every individual, regardless of whether they are students, staff, alumni or other contributors. We will support each other’s development and career progress.

    We will set an example for others by conducting ourselves with integrity, transparency, honesty and clarity at all times. We will always value and protect freedom of expression, while respecting the boundaries dictated by law, decency, ethics and respect for others.

    We will be open to change to best support our academic mission and ensure we have policies and procedures that are people focused, efficient and effective.

Three key areas of activity:


  1. Promote university-wide change
  2. Increase engagement with our network
  3. Support race equality in the University of Edinburgh’s community


Values and principles

We are a network that wishes to engage with the University on all areas of University policy and practice to ensure an anti-racist environment and race equality is on every agenda.

As a network we value the importance of building a community that embraces relational power, transparency, knowledge sharing, respect and equality.

  • We recognise that racism impacts the daily lives and experiences of black and minority ethnic (BME) staff and students in the University. Increased awareness of these experiences is an important first step to end racism.
  • We recognise that it is the responsibility of all staff and students in the University to be racially literate. Racial literacy is the ability to recognise, respond and counter racism.
  • We recognise that advocacy for, and representation of, BME students and staff at all levels within the institution are essential to improve their experience and sense of belonging within the University.
  • We recognise that communication is vital, both between members of network and with the broader university community to further our agenda. We commit to regular, open and transparent communications but also to preserve confidentiality where necessary and appropriate.
  • We recognise that promoting racial equality, diversity and inclusion requires institutional support and resource. Senior leadership champions of our network, time allocation for committee members to do this work and budget are all warranted.

Edinburgh today

Our University is not as diverse as we wish it to be as only 10.8% of our staff are from a black and minority ethnic background. We also have more than 40,000 students, including 9,000 international students from more than 160 countries.

University facts & figures factsheet 

University policies


Reports from the Equality Diversity Monitoring and Research Committee (EDMARC).