Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee role and membership.

The Equality Diversity & Inclusion Committee (EDIC) is a University Executive Standing Committee.

1. Terms of Reference


To provide strategic oversight of the University’s progress and performance on promoting EDI for staff and students, on behalf of the University Executive.


  1. To lead the development, review and implementation of the University’s EDI strategy and Equalities outcomes for consideration by the University Executive, and support their underpinning of the University’s Strategic Plan
  1. To prioritise plans to enhance EDI against transparent objectives and review progress on targets and outcomes
  1. To promote the mainstreaming of EDI across University structures, systems and processes at multiple levels
  1. To create a joined up approach to EDI across the University through appropriate representation and consultation – ensuring appropriate alignment with the Staff and Student Experience Standing Committees of the University Executive
  1. To promote the sharing of evidence based practice in EDI across the University and externally
  1. To oversee the generation of statistical reports and research to inform priority setting and action planning
  1. To evaluate the University’s progress and performance on EDI for staff and students, including the meeting of its legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and related legislative duties
  1. To oversee the development of any applications for ‘charter’ status, as appropriate, and any associated action plans for the different protected characteristics through establishing working groups (including, if necessary, the self-assessment teams)

Governance and Operation

  • The Committee will act with authority, as delegated by the University Executive, in fulfilment of its purpose and remit.
  • The Committee shall meet as required to fulfil its remit, and will meet at least three times each academic year.   The Committee may consider some business through correspondence.
  • The Committee will have working groups as appropriate (including the Equality and Diversity Monitoring and Research Committee) and will set up task and finish groups as required.
  • The Committee will report direct to the University Executive as necessary, and at least four times a year.
  • The Committee will aim to promote transparency and engagement in its working and may trial different methods to achieve this such as: live streaming; recording its meetings (with the recording available for 24 hours); and making minutes/brief record available within the University, with the exception of closed business.


(paying attention to gender balance and representation across protected characteristics)*

Convenor:  University Lead, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Deputy Convenor:  Vice Principal, Students

Convenors of Colleges and Professional Services Group ED&I Committees (currently four such Committees)

Deputy Secretary, Student Experience

Director of HR

2 -3 Reps from Professional Services Groups (e.g. IS, Estates and Development and Alumni)

2-3 Heads of School

University Lead for Sustainability

Trade Unions representative

Representative from Communications and Marketing

Representative from IAD

Representative from Edinburgh Global

EUSA VP Welfare

2 Liberation Officers (rotating)

1 (rotating) from Staff Networks

Secretariat:  HR Senior Advisor, Equality and Diversity

Administrative support:  Convener’s PA

*One named deputy permitted



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