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Helen Evans

The fifth member of the Edinburgh Seven. (unable to source photo).

Helen de Lacey Evans (nee Carter)was the fifth member of the Edinburgh Seven who sought to earn a degree in medicine at Edinburgh. She proved to be an able student and with other members of the group she passed her matriculation examinations with flying colours.

Helen Evans
Matriculation Record, Helen Evans. University of Edinburgh Centre for Research Collections. Matriculation Roll, 1861-1874

 Once married Helen did not complete her studies but her link with Edinburgh continued and she remained friends with Sophia Jex-Blake.

Helen was active in promoting the care of women by women doctors. She also took a keen interest in education being "one of the first lady members of St. Andrews School Board, a position she held for 15 years". In addition to this she was a member of the council for St Leonards School for girls (now co-ed).

in 1876 her husband Alexander died suddenly from a heart attack leaving her with three children and she was unable to return to study.

When Sophia Jex-Blake began the process of founding another medical school for women in Edinburgh, Helen, with others, formed an executive committee to find suitable premises.

In 1900 and 1901 along with Miss Du Pre, Helen was a vice president of the committee of the Edinburgh Hospital and Dispensary for Women and Children, the hospital in Whitehouse Loan and the dispensary in Torphichen Place.

Helen died in St Andrews, in 1903 aged 70, following a surgical procedure.