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Early Career Mentoring Scheme

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a supportive form of career development whereby individuals are willing to share knowledge, expertise and experience to mutual benefit.

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What is the ACE mentorship scheme about?

The scheme offers early career researchers the opportunity to be paired with colleagues who are currently working in the Scottish Government. You may be interested in knowing how your research relates to current policy or you may be interested in exploring whether you might like to employ your skills to work more directly in government in the future.

How are mentoring pairs matched?

Mentors will be colleagues who are working in the Scottish government, many of who have substantial experience in both the academic and government sectors. Mentees are required to register to provide detail about their research field and interests. Centre staff then match mentors and mentees based on this information. Both the mentee and mentor are then asked to confirm that they would like to proceed as a pair.

How would the partnership run?

In a short training session, pairs are guided to establish a framework of communication that suits both parties including the frequency and method of interaction and what you would both like to achieve from the relationship – you may wish to be informed about each other’s areas of research, the different constraints under which you have to work in your respective areas to achieve your goals, career progression and how it operates in your respective roles. 

How long does the scheme last for?

A common model is for the scheme to last a year with 4-6 meetings spread across the year. However,  different models can be set out out from the beginning by mutual agreement.

Who is this scheme for?

Early career researchers who aim to stay in academia but would like to align their work closely with policy initiatives or ECRs who might like to move across to use their skills working directly in government. 


The scheme is open to PhD students in the second half of their PhD, post docs and fellows who are within 8 years of receiving their PhD.


Register your interest and we will contact you when the scheme opens again to confirm if you would still like to participate.  


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