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We offer a wide range of academic English courses to both undergraduates and postgraduates.

All the courses are non-credit bearing. Some courses have both online and face-to-face versions. Click on the course titles below for more information, including how to apply.

Seminar Discussion Skills

The course has been designed to help you improve your fluency and accuracy in giving and responding to opinions and theories in an academic context.

Better Pronunciation

This course is for undergraduate and postgraduate students whose first language is not English and who have found difficulty with English pronunciation.

Presentation Skills

This course focuses on how international students can improve their presentation skills.

Academic Writing for International Students

This course provides international students with an introduction to key aspects of academic writing in English.

Grammar for Academic Writing

This course focuses on some key areas of English grammar that students need to master to express themselves clearly and appropriately in academic writing. Those areas include the basic distinctions of meaning in the verb tense system, the use of modal verbs to express degrees of certainty and commitment, and alternative ways of grouping and ordering written information to highlight the flow of an argument.

Listening to Lectures and Note-taking

This course will explore ways of quickly improving lecture listening and note-taking skills.

Social Speaking Skills

The aim of this course is to help improve your confidence and ability to communicate successfully with both UK home students and other international students in everyday social situations.

Writing your PhD: Reviewing the Literature

This course is for PhD students in their second year. Students work on various aspects of what is involved in reviewing the literature, and receive detailed feedback from their tutor on extracts of their writing.

Writing a PhD First-Year Report

This course focuses on the academic writing skills required to produce the report (or proposal) PhD students present to their Year-1 ‘review’, ‘panel’ or ‘progression board’.

Writing up PhD Qualitative Research

This course is for PhD students working on qualitative research. Students work through key chapters of their PhD thesis, and receive detailed feedback from their tutor on extracts of writing from different parts of their thesis.

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