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EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association)

The official university union is run by students, for students. You can join all of their events and activities, which include: concerts, film screenings, social nights, sports, dancing, language cafés, themed societies and clubs, and much more.... You'll meet lots of other people too! There is something for everyone at EUSA, and all are welcome. They are based at Teviot Row House, near George Square. To find out more, visit:




ISC (International Student Centre)

A small student group who organise social events exclusively for the university's international community. Activities include: regular trips across Scotland and beyond the border, social nights out in Edinburgh, movie screenings, coffee gatherings, and more. They are based at 22b Buccleuch Place, behind the main library on George Square. For further information, visit:

International Student Centre Website



CSE (Centre for Sport and Exercise)

Located at 46 Pleasance (main gym) and St Leonard's Land (swimming pool), the CSE features some of the UK's best fitness facilities and is a hub for student activity. Both locations are a five minute walk from Paterson's Land.

There are a range of options to keep you active, such as: personal training, exercise classes, individual and team sports, weights, swimming, and even climbing!

To find out more and discuss payment options, speak to helpdesk staff at the Pleasance gym. Alternatively, visit: