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Private Accommodation

Advice on how to arrange your own accommodation.

Although most students request residential or homestay accommodation, it is possible to make your own arrangements.

There is a wide range of accommodation options in Edinburgh such as hostels, bed & breakfasts, private flats, and hotels.

We strongly advise that you thoroughly research accommodation options before committing to booking and payment, and that you only book through reputable sources. Be suspicious of anyone asking you to send payment via Western Union, BidPay or MoneyGram, as genuine accommodation sources do not normally use these payment methods. If you feel unsure about any booking or request for payment, seek advice before paying any money.

The University of Edinburgh’s Advice Place can provide free and impartial advice if you require guidance (but they will not be able to make bookings on your behalf):

The Advice Place

There are many sources for private accommodation. Good places to start include: