English Language Education

Trainer Development Course

Not currently available as an open course - please see tailored courses. This is a course for language teachers who are currently engaged in teacher training activities or those who will begin to work in this field. It is not a language course. The course is open to both practising teachers and trainers, and both native and non-native speakers of English.

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Course details

Language level
Advanced non-native speaker or native speaker
The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework level C1 Participants need an advanced level of English so that they can contribute with ease to activities and discussions.
Participants and entry requirements
Participants must have a minimum of 5 years' relevant teaching experience in more than one context.


The course is based on 20 timetabled hours per week - five mornings and three afternoons.

Course description

The course aims to equip participants for the design, implementation and evaluation of language teacher education programmes.

Course topics include modes of training, course design, session design, approaches to supervision, approaches to dealing with language awareness on teacher education courses, approaches to observation and post-observation feedback, design and evaluation of teacher education materials, evaluation of teacher education programmes and peer-training.

The emphasis is on interactive, task-based activities within a reflective practice approach. Participants are expected to take part in activities, collaborate with fellow participants, reflect on both their own classroom practice and the activities they have experienced, and discuss and work on adaptations appropriate for their own teaching context. There will be opportunities to translate theoretical input into design and implementation at a practical level through workshop activities, and to present these to other participants at the end of the course.