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Teaching Grammar in Context

The course is for classroom teachers of English who are interested in teaching grammar in ways which reflect how English is actually used in context. Participants will also have opportunities to enrich their own knowledge of areas of English grammar.

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Course details

Language level
Native and advanced non-native speakers of English.
The Council of Europe's Common European Framework level C1.
Participants and entry requirements
This course is for practising classroom teachers of English at secondary and tertiary level with at least two years' relevant teaching experience. It is open to both native speakers of English and non-native speakers. You should have an advanced level of English.
If you are in doubt about your level of English for this course, please contact us.


The course is based on 20 timetabled hours per week - five mornings and three afternoons.

Course description

The course develops awareness of the form, meaning and use of selected grammar areas and explores options for teaching, drawing on insights from research in second language acquisition / applied linguistics.

I have enjoyed the course a lot and the teachers gave us the ability to reflect on how we teach.

ParticipantTeaching Grammar in Context

The course has two main components: language description and ELT methodology.

The course will enable you to:

  • analyse how context affects the selection, deployment and interpretation of language forms in natural discourse
  • identify features of the form, meaning and use of particular language items which may pose difficulties for learners
  • develop awareness of the principles underpinning current good practice with regard to teaching grammar
  • gain practical experience in evaluating, designing, and adapting grammar teaching materials

The approach used is reflective, combining task-based learning, experiential learning and tutor input. The emphasis throughout is on active participation, reflection and discussion of language, teaching practice and principles.

Course activities include:

  • awareness-raising tasks generating discussion and analysis of the use of certain grammar items in particular contexts
  • discussion of various methodological options for teaching grammar
  • experiential tasks leading to reflection and evaluation of sample teaching materials and activities
  • project workshops involving adapting and designing materials and activities for teaching grammar in teachers' own contexts

It has gone far beyond my expectation. I enjoyed every lesson with my teacher, she is really inspiring. Besides, if not enough, the social programme did a fantastic job making you feel at home. Furthermore, the city and the people are just outstanding.

MiguelTeaching Grammar in Context

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This course is eligible for European funding under the Erasmus+ programme.