English Language Education

Teaching English for Law

This course is an introduction to teaching English for Law. It is intended for experienced teachers of English who wish to develop initial knowledge and skills to teach English to law professionals or students.

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Course details

Language level
Near native or native speaker.
The Council of Europe's Common European Framework level C2.
Participants and entry requirements
Participants are expected to be practising teachers with a first degree in a relevant subject (e.g. English or Law), and to have an appropriate teaching qualification and at least two years' teaching experience with adults who are non-native speakers of English. All participants enrolling for the course will be asked to fill in a pre-course questionnaire.


The course is based on 20 timetabled hours per week - five mornings and three afternoons. It is possible to take either course separately or to combine both courses and study for all four weeks.

Course description

This course is intended for experienced teachers of English who wish to develop initial knowledge and skills to teach English to legal professionals or students of law.

It aims to provide an introduction to the teaching of English for Law and is not intended as an introduction to English law. The relationship between Law and language is peculiarly complex: the course will focus on how to design a course; on approaches to teaching which aim to draw on the subject knowledge of informants (e.g. the participants themselves or legal experts); and how to find and use other resources.

During the course, participants will:

  • develop their understanding of the teaching of Legal English vocabulary and appropriate language skills for students of law and law professionals.
  • identify and evaluate resources to support their teaching contexts.

The course will include: identifying and teaching appropriate language skills; relevant context analysis; teaching legal vocabulary; the role and knowledge of the legal English teacher; using authentic sources; web-based resources and published materials; assessment (eg ILEC).

The course is practically oriented using workshops and a combination of group and individual tasks to explore learning contexts, to study samples of legal English discourse, and to examine teaching methodologies appropriate to the teaching of English for Law. There will be opportunities for participants to discuss their particular area of interest. The course aims to provide participants with ideas for continuing their professional development in the area of teaching English for Law beyond the course.


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This course is eligible for European funding under the Erasmus+ programme.