English Language Education

English for Legal Studies

A language course for students and recent graduates in Law who need to improve their English for study and their future profession.

Course details

Language level
Intermediate to advanced
The Council of Europe's Common European Framework levels B2 to C1 (IELTS 5.5-7.5, TOEFL 87-114)
A good intermediate level of English is required (Cambridge First Certificate and above). Participants should be able to read English (newspapers, textbooks, journals) relatively easily and be able to understand spoken English with few problems.
Participants and entry requirements
Students or recent graduates in Law.


The course is based on 20 timetabled hours per week - five mornings and three afternoons.

Course description

The course, taught by experienced and qualified English language teachers, focuses on activating language skills through cooperative task-based work. Course participants read legal texts in order to exchange information and compare aspects of their own legal systems. Other language practice activities include courtroom role-plays; problem solving discussions; listening to talks; formal letter writing practice. There are opportunities for more individual work, for example in presenting a summary of a legal case or preparing and giving a presentation on a legal topic.

I have really enjoyed this course because of the teacher, the magnificent organisation and the high quality of the content.

Patricia Vicen QuilisEnglish for Legal Studies