English Language Education

Tailored courses

ELE can design tailor-made courses for schools, university departments, government agencies and other professional organisations.

Tailored courses for teachers

Tailored courses for teachers focus mainly on general ELT (English Language Teaching) methodology and language. We can include sessions such as:

  • Drama in ELT
  • Using music, song & games in ELT
  • Using Technology in ELT
  • Teaching through Culture
  • CLIL

We can also design courses based on:

  • Lecturing in English
  • Teaching English for Medicine & Law
  • Trainer Development

Please get in touch via the Tailored Courses request form below. 

Tailored Courses Request Form

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Tailored courses for groups

ELE can design tailor-made courses for university departments, schools, government agencies, professional organisations and companies.

Courses offered can focus on improvement in specialised areas such as:

  • Report writing
  • English for medical conferences
  • English for legislative translators

We can also include topics such as Scottish culture and literature in the course content. 

Please get in touch via the Groups Request Form below.

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