English Language Education

English Language Education Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for English Language Education bookings at the Centre for Open Learning.

Most recently updated: 12 July 2019.

We've re-written the terms and conditions to make them easier to understand and added a 'Application Process, Payment and Fees', 'Cancellations and Refunds – Student Cancellations', 'Cancellations and Refunds – Cancellation by Us', 'Refund Processing' and 'Code of Student Conduct' section.


Minimum Age for Enrolment

Please note, the minimum age for enrolment on English Language Education (ELE) courses at the Centre for Open Learning (COL) is 18 years at the course start date.


Application Process, Payment and Fees

  1. Applications are only accepted via our online application form.
  2. Your application will not be considered if you do not provide all supporting documents requested during the application process.
  3. Upon providing a pre-payment, you enter into a contract with COL and confirm that you wish to accept the offer of a place on your ELE course(s) of choice. You are therefore subject to the terms and conditions as set out this page. 
  4. Full payment must be received 30 days before the start of your chosen course.


Bank Charges

If you opt to provide payment via international bank transfer, please note that COL is not responsible for any bank charges incurred in the transfer of fees. All bank charges, whether incurred overseas or in the UK, are the responsibility of the person making the payment.


Cancellations and Refunds – Student Cancellations

  1. Once you have made payment to COL as part of the application process, you are deemed to have a contract with COL. You have the right to cancel this contract with us. The cancellation period will expire at the end of 14 days after you have made payment.
  2. You will not be permitted to attend your course if full payment of your fees is not made 30 days prior to your course start date. Late payments may result in cancellation of your place. 
  3. In the event that you wish to cancel or amend your course place, please see below for an overview of our policy:
Date of Withdrawal or Amendment Fee Refund 
Within 14 days of COL receiving your payment We will refund all fees paid by you.
After 14 days of COL receiving your payment No refund will be made for any fees paid by you.
  1. Please note the below exceptional circumstances, where the request for a refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis: 
  • You can demonstrate extenuating personal circumstances which prohibit you from coming to the UK. (For example, illness and bereavement.) Please note that supporting evidence will be requested.
  • A visa application refusal, for reasons outwith your control. Please note that this does not include unwarranted late visa applications. Supporting evidence will also be required.
  1. Please note you must inform us of your decision to cancel in a clear statement by sending an email to eleinfo@ed.ac.uk


Cancellations and Refunds – Cancellation by Us

  1. We may cancel your course place if we fail to recruit our minimum level of enrolments or if circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevent us from delivering it. 
  2. If you have received an offer at the time of such cancellation, we will offer you an alternative course or refund in full the fees paid by you.
  3. Though COL makes every attempt to avoid any changes to courses, we strongly suggest that you do not make any travel arrangements or private accommodation bookings until you receive an offer to study on your ELE course. We also strongly advise you to invest in a comprehensive travel insurance policy, to cover costs in the event of such a cancellation. Please see our ‘Insurance’ section.


Right to Make Necessary Alterations

While every effort is made to ensure that courses and activities run as advertised, we reserve the right to make any necessary alterations or cancellations. We reserve the right to transfer to another course anyone who has registered for a course of an unsuitable level or type, or cancel a booking if we are unable to provide a course of a suitable level.


Refund Processing

In the event that a refund is made, you will be reimbursed using the same means of payment as you used to make the payment to us. In any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement. COL is not responsible for reimbursement of any bank charges incurred overseas or in the UK.



  1. The University cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to your property including the transfer of computer viruses to your equipment. You are advised to insure your property against such risks.
  2. The University does not provide insurance for students. You are recommended to investigate insurance appropriate to you that covers your personal possessions, medical and repatriation expenses (if you are not covered in the UK) and cancellation to cover any fees and travel costs.



Full information about accommodation options and associated terms and conditions can be found here: www.ed.ac.uk/english-language-teaching/student-information/accommodation


Code of Student Conduct

By enrolling on a COL course, you will be required to comply with the University’s Code of Student Conduct.

Code of Student Conduct

This code sets out expectations for student behaviour and also the procedures used by the University in order to resolve matters when student’s behaviour is unacceptable. If you breach any of the terms set out in the Code of Student Conduct then you may be withdrawn from COL courses.


Your Data

The University may use any information which you provide during the application process to compile statistics which may be published or passed to a governmental or regulatory body.



Any complaints about COL or your ELE course should be made in writing and sent via email to eleinfo@ed.ac.uk. Formal complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s complaints procedure. More details are available from the University’s Academic Services.