English Language Education

Testing and Assessment

Information on end of course testing for students.


To meet the conditions of your Conditional Offer for your degree programme, you need to have successfully completed the Pre-sessional Programme. This means you need to fully engage with the Programme and achieve satisfactory grades on three assessments of your academic English skills.

  • A Listening assessment based on recorded lectures.  

  • An assessment of Reading-into-Writing, based on sources in your academic field.  

  • A Speaking assessment, in the form of a presentation on a topic in your field. 

You take the Listening assessment in the third week of EAP Course 2, and the Reading-into-Writing and Speaking assessments during your Course 3 specialist course. 

In addition to achieving the required grades on these assessments, we require you to demonstrate full engagement with the Pre-sessional Programme by submitting all the formative written assignments that are set.  

If you hold a conditional offer, progression is not automatic. Progression depends on your successfully completing the pre-sessional programme (full attendance; satisfactory participation/engagement; meeting the English language requirements for your degree programme by passing the three pre-sessional assessments). You must also have satisfied all your academic conditions for your UoE programme.

Results and Progression onto your Degree Programme

Assessment results will be forwarded to your College Admissions office.


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