English Language Education

Summer Course Information

Details of our 2020 summer EAP programme will be available, and applications will open, in mid-January 2020.




Course Dates and Fees 2019

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Weeks Dates Fee
10-week Programme (Course 1, Course 2 and ESAP)  10 24 Jun - 29 Aug £4,400
7-week Programme (Course 2 and ESAP)  7 15 Jul - 29 Aug £3,080

(4-week ESAP courses are not offered as stand-alone courses in 2019.)


English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Course Content

Course 1 and Course 2 Content

These courses aim to enable students to participate fully in all aspects of a postgraduate programme taught in English at the University of Edinburgh. These courses focus on:

  • Writing (paraphrasing, summarising and synthesizing)
  • Listening (lecture listening and note-taking)
  • Speaking (discussion and scenarios)
  • Reading (reading academic texts)
  • Academic language study


English for Specific Purposes (ESAP) Course Content

Only offered as part of the 7- or 10-week programmes. Not offered as a standalone course.
English for Science, Technology and Medicine

The language study programme for ESTM comprises the following elements:

  • Work on an individual specialist research project, based on sources located via Internet/library search
  • Choice of study skills courses
  • Practice in presentation skills
  • Note-taking from live lectures
  • Academic discussion
  • Test preparation (optional - for students taking the English Proficiency Test Battery)
  • Access to a computer laboratory and the Internet
  • Advice on independent language learning using self-access resources
  • A major focus of these courses is the development of academic writing and presentation skills, and grades are awarded at the end of the course for each student's research project and individual presentation.
English for Humanities and Social Science

Students can expect to:

  • Work on an individual specialist research project;
  • get regular work on academic writing, with special attention to the basic principles of academic discourse in the humanities;
  • practice in oral presentation skills;
  • practice in listening to lectures and note-taking;
  • take part in academic discussion;
  • create and design Research Posters.
  • This course particularly focuses on the development of academic writing and presentation skills, and grades are awarded at the end of the course for each student’s research project and individual presentation.
English for Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

The emphasis of the course is on the development of language skills relevant to work at a postgraduate level. Particular attention is paid to academic writing, listening/reading and note-taking, class discussion, and seminar skills.

Most sessions are based on core applied linguistic and methodological topics, e.g. English as a lingua franca gender and language, individual differences in language learning.  

Students can expect to be involved in the following activities:

  • Academic writing
  • Reading and discussion of key topics based on texts from books and journals
  • Individual projects based on journal articles
  • Seminar practice linked with the individual projects
  • Comprehension and note-taking from live lectures
  • Group projects, leading to a Final Day conference
  • Participants extend their knowledge in those areas and at the same time experience some of the study modes they will encounter in a British postgraduate setting.
English for Business Masters
  • English for Business Masters Reading and Writing Skills: Practice in reading for and writing academic assignments for the MBA. Students will write two assignments comprising of an essay and a case study analysis.
  • Business Communication Skills: Development of core business communication skills, including giving presentations, participating in meetings, and negotiating.
  • Business Topics: Development of English language skills through the exploration of key business topics. These will include presentations by guest lecturers relating to key English for Business Masters and other business topics and video material, including an MBA class in action.
  • Team Projects: Participants will work in teams on three micro-projects, leading to group presentations.
  • Language Review: Language review sessions focus on the language used in the lecture room including strategies and skills for effective participation as well as core business and management vocabulary.
  • There is an emphasis on the development of both academic writing skills and oral presentation skills with opportunities for both individual and teamwork. A series of talks by guest speakers and video sessions is programmed to develop listening skills. Participants will be required to produce several assignments to deadlines - a necessary preparation for the potential English for Business Masters student.
English for LLM

The focus is on the development of skills and confidence in using English for active participation in an LLM degree programme. Postgraduate legal study in the UK places particular demands on students' ability to read and comprehend a wide variety of academic and legal texts, including law reports, legislation, law journals and legal textbooks. The course will give students practice in these reading skills in addition to developing speaking and listening skills for seminar participation and writing skills for producing academic assignments. Invited guest speakers will speak on topics relevant to LLM students to develop lecture listening and seminar participation skills.

The course is based on the following components:

  • Academic legal reading and writing skills
  • Academic legal seminar participation
  • Legal vocabulary development
  • Legal topic presentation skills

In addition to preparation and follow-up work for classes, students will be expected to produce several individual assignments including the following:

  • An academic essay
  • Oral and written summaries of a law report

All students also research and deliver an oral presentation on a legal topic for the end of course conference.