English Language Education

Graduate Writing Centre

Information about one-to-one academic writing tutorials for postgraduate International students (PGT and PGR)

In addition to our other courses, English Language Education (ELE) offers one-to-one academic writing tutorials for postgraduate International students (PGT and PGR). UK and all undergraduate students seeking academic writing support should visit the Institute for Academic Development website.

These supportive sessions are 25 minutes long and are designed to give you the opportunity to discuss specific areas of academic writing with a member of ELE staff.

What can I discuss?

You should print out and bring a piece of your writing (around 350 words) that you would like to discuss in the tutorial.

We can offer advice on topics including:

  • How to write more clearly and accurately
  • How to organize and develop your ideas
  • How to use your sources effectively
  • How to improve any difficulties you are having with language such as tenses.

What we do not do

  • ELE tutors cannot provide help with content and ideas as these should be discussed with your subject tutors.
  • We will not provide a proof-reading service in these tutorials. This means we will not correct your spelling or all your grammar mistakes for you. We will point out general areas for improvement rather than check every word.

Time and Location

Tutorials are held around campus on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in:

  • October, November & December
  • Feb & March
  • May & June

How do I book?

From October you can register for these sessions here: ELE Tutorials (search for 'English Language Education' events). Please note: you can book a maximum of two sessions in any one semester and sessions must be booked on different days. Back to back sessions are not available.

If you are unable to attend your one-to-one consultation, please let us know as soon as possible (at least 24 hours beforehand) using the Events booking System. Students who book tutorials and do not attend without cancelling will not be able to book any further ELE tutorial support.