English Language Education

Methodology & Language for Teachers

This course is for English teachers of secondary and adult students. The course aims to refresh participants’ knowledge of language teaching methodology, as well as developing their confidence and proficiency in using English for teaching and other purposes.

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Course details

Language level
Upper intermediate and above.
The Council of Europe's Common European Framework level B2.
Participants must have at least an upper-intermediate level of English so that they can contribute with ease to activities and discussions.
Participants and entry requirements
The course is aimed at teachers with at least one year's experience of teaching English to secondary school students or to adults in private language schools or in colleges and other institutions.
Please note: The course is not suitable for native speakers of English, for teacher trainers or for very experienced teachers of secondary/adult learners. If you are in doubt about your level of English for this course, please contact us.


The course is based on 20 timetabled hours per week - five mornings and three afternoons.

Course description

This is a refresher course which aims to illustrate current practice in ELT and develop participants' confidence in using English for teaching and other purposes. It is suitable for practising classroom teachers who want to confirm and extend their knowledge of ELT developments and techniques, and improve their fluency.

There are two main components: language teaching and language learning.

Topics include: the four skills; grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in the classroom; dealing with mixed-level classes; dictation activities; music and song in the classroom and other relevant topics.

The language learning component provides practice in selected areas of the English language and takes place in the afternoons.

The approach is task-based and interactive with an emphasis on collaborative groupwork. Participants are expected to take part in activities they have experienced and discuss and work on materials adaptation appropriate for their own teaching context.


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This course is eligible for European funding under the Erasmus+ programme.