English Language Education

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Applications for 2019/20 are now closed.

How to apply

You need to complete our online application form. As part of the application form, you are required to upload electronic copies of the documents outlined below – please make sure you have these ready before you start your application.

Please ensure you complete the form fully and accurately. Incorrect or missing data may result in the application being declined.

Please note: Students are expected to attend from the first day of the course. Students unable to attend from the first day may be denied entry to the course.

Before applying for the AGE programme, make sure you have the following ready:

  • Your passport number (your passport must be valid for the period you intend to study).
  • A valid, internationally recognised English language certificate (a copy of this certificate must be uploaded as part of your application).
  • Your University of Edinburgh student number (UUN) if you have previously applied to the University of Edinburgh.

Sponsored students will also need:

  • An official letter confirming that you are eligible for sponsorship and that your sponsorship covers your English language studies (a copy of this letter must be uploaded as part of your application).

Agents or partner institutions applying on behalf of a student will also need:

  • A completed COL Data Protection Disclaimer, clearly stating the full name of the student, and signed and dated by the student. We cannot process the application without it. Please ensure that if the branch name is stated on this form it matches the branch name given in the online application form. You can download a copy of the form below (a copy of the complete form must be uploaded as part of your application).

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Applications for 2019-2020 are now closed.