English Language Education


A list of key English Language Education staff

Management Team
Name Description
Jenny Hoy Head of the Centre for Open Learning
Michael Jenkins Head of English Language Education and Languages For All
Anne Heller Murphy Deputy Head of English Language Education
Nicola Davidson Director of Professional Services for the Centre for Open Learning
Teaching Staff
Name Description
Tony Lynch Emeritus Professor of Student Learning (English for Academic Purposes)
Kenneth Anderson Senior Teaching Fellow
Cathy Benson Senior Teaching Fellow
Lindsay Knox Head of Teacher Education
Hamish McIlwraith Senior Teaching Fellow
Jill Northcott Lecturer and Head of ESP
Barbara Campbell Teaching Fellow
David Caulton Teaching Fellow
Anton Elloway Teaching Fellow
Mike Garbutt Teaching Fellow
Camilla Green Teaching Fellow
Jill Haldane Teaching Fellow

Douglas Hamano-Bunce

Teaching Fellow
Meg Maclean Teaching Fellow
Rowan Murray Teaching Fellow, Director of Quality
Tom Pritchard Teaching Fellow
Kathryn Redpath Teaching Fellow, Director of Learning & Teaching
Alison Thomas Teaching Fellow
Agnes Young Teaching Fellow
Richard Bryan Tutor
Peter Buckley Tutor
Malgorzata Bugaj Tutor
Philip Davies Tutor
Andrew Drybrough Tutor
Amelia Harker Tutor
Jane Hazelton Tutor
Cathy Holden Tutor
Sarah Thomas Tutor
Alison Waite Tutor



In order to keep up to date with the latest teaching practices, ELE staff research the following topics:

Staff Profiles

Information on staff, including research interests, work at ELE, PhD supervision, and published books and articles.

Professor David Finkelstein

Professor Tony Lynch