English Language Education


ELE support and conduct research in a number of areas.

As well as encouraging teachers to reflect and inquire into their teaching practices through peer observation we provide opportunities for staff to think critically about methods and materials to ensure that we are meeting the English language needs of our different student populations by engaging in small-scale research projects related to our core teaching areas, EAP, ESP and Teacher Education.

These are some of the projects  we are currently involved in:

Staff publications

Improving tutor feedback

(Awarded a Principal’s Teaching Award Small project Grant).

We are exploring the perceptions of effectiveness of the online formative feedback given by ELTC tutors on our ESAP academic writing courses for postgraduates in order to identify effective feedback techniques.

Supporting lecturers in their work with L2 international students

The aim of this PTAS funded project  is to explore academic staff perceptions of the challenges & benefits of working with ISS; strategies used in working with the linguistic needs of ISs and the related staff professional development needs.

ESAP Tracking

How beneficial is a pre-sessional ESAP (English for Specific Academic Purposes) programme in terms of student performance on Masters programmes? To answer this question we intend to liaise with the directors of the different Masters programmes our courses support to look at both student experience and academic outcomes from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

Common Knowledge: What is it and What is it For?

What role does ‘common knowledge’ play in the construction of an academic argument, and  how can we  best support students in recognising the role ‘common knowledge’ plays in meeting Western academic convention, and learning how they should handle common knowledge as part of dealing with sources.