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Dr. Peter Zeniewski

Dr Peter Zeniewski

Chancellor's Fellow, Energy and Society

With a background in politics, sociology and philosophy, I have an interest in employing multi-disciplinary perspectives to analyse contemporary energy challenges - in particular those related to energy security. I have worked with techno-economic energy system models to explore the impact of a low-carbon transition on energy security, and am currently developing a conceptual framework to understand security's place in the energy trilemma.

I am also interested in the adaptation of incumbent firms' business strategies as they respond to low-carbon innovation. Part of my Fellowship will also be devoted to understanding the conditions under which different renewable energy technologies are deemed to have reached 'maturity' status. 

Prior to becoming Chancellor's Fellow, I worked as a Senior Analyst for Wood Mackenzie, an international energy consulting firm based in Edinburgh. I have also worked as a Scientific Officer at the European Commission's Institute for Energy and Transport.

I am also a member of the School's Energy and Society Research Group which brings together energy research in sociology, science, technology and innovation studies (STIS), social anthropology and political science.