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Martin Pullinger

Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Informatics

Research and Interests

Martin Pullinger is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the School of Informatics. His research focuses on practices, technologies and policies that support transition to more sustainable and resilient economic and socio-technical systems. His work to date has focused on the energy and water systems. His current work on the EPSRC-funded IDEAL project (part of TEDDINET) focuses on increasing our understanding of domestic energy-using practices, the technological, social and policy factors which influence them, and on novel feedback techniques to encourage and support low energy living. He also researches the implications of working patterns on energy demand and carbon emissions, and policy approaches to supporting working time reduction. He is also interested in the role of local-scale, community solutions to the low carbon transition in the energy system. He draws on interdisciplinary theories of social practice, Science and Technology Studies, and policy studies and uses a mix of quantitative 'big data' and qualitative research methods.